Comcast Box Killed the Video

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    I’ve always been a light TV viewer, but six months with a Comcast HD DVR pushed me into a whole new category–the non-TV viewer.  I’m sure this wasn’t Comcast’s business plan, but in their attempt to save a few bucks on their DVR they almost lost me as a customer.  What TV I was watching I was watching online — hello Hulu!

    I was on board with the original TiVo and subsequent models since then.  TiVo always impressed me with their thoughtful UI, and programming the unit from my laptop made it easy to search for programs and schedule things to record. I’m a light TV viewer but find TiVo makes TV fun–all my favorite stuff is on!  I guess I came to take it all for granted…  So, when I upgraded my cable to HD, my old TiVo became obsolete since it couldn’t record HD.  I decided to give the Comcast HD DVR a spin instead.  How bad could it be, right?  Big mistake.

    The Comcast box’s dorky interface (and bizarre cluttered remote) was a miserable experience.  Instead of controlling the DVR from a computer (easy and logical) the Comcast DVR made me navigate grids of on-screen letters to slowly peck out instructions via the remote.  It was worse than DOS.  Well, maybe not but it sure seemed it.

    I decided I had to either cancel Comcast or fix the box.  So I returned the DVR to Comcast and bought a TiVo HD Premiere instead.  It records full HD at 1080p and has room for 45 HD hours.  More importantly, most of my interactions with TiVo are via the internet, using a full keyboard and whizzy web pages.  Sweet.  Finally, I know TiVo will work hard for me, and find nuggets based on stuff I like.  The TiVo box gets to know you and lives to serve; the Comcast box was content to be unhelpful and unused.

    Oh, and I get the groovy TiVo remote back.  Yay!  And the great TiVo interface.  And Netflix streaming.  And You Tube clips.  All my favorite stuff is back on!

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    1. Mystic55's Gravatar Mystic55
      2010.06.03 at 9:13 pm | Permalink

      Comcast SUCKS. Look at what they did to G4.

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