The iPhone 3G – now with iVista!

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    I remember when I first got my iPhone 3G.  It was a gleaming treasure — beautiful to behold and snappy in performance.  It’s still a gleaming treasure and beautiful to behold.  But the snap is gone — it stutters, pauses, and apps frequently crash and burn — even Apple apps such as e-mail.  Boink!  Damn, again.

    Rebooting the phone helps, but it’s inconvenient and sometimes not an option.  I’m not saying I don’t like my iPhone anymore, I do.  When it works it rocks!  But what had exuded elegance and performance now feels clumsy and occasionally verges on demented.  What happened?!

    The answer is iVista, aka iOS 4, the latest iPhone OS that Apple more-or-less requires you to install through iTunes.  This isn’t the first major upgrade to the OS, there have been several.  But iVista hit my phone like a load of bricks.  Bam–my iPhone 3G groaned under the load.

    It’s fair to say that each major version of the iOS is tuned for the latest & greatest iPhone hardware platform.  My 3G is now two years and two hardware versions behind.  Left alone, running the original OS (including minor revisions) my iPhone would still be supercharged.  Missing the latest features, for sure, but as energetic as the day it arrived.

    It turns out it is possible to downgrade from iOS 4, but the process is extremely technical and not for the weak of heart.  I’m sure it’s not Apple sanctioned.  That said, here’s how to do it.

    Having invested time organizing all my apps into folders (an iOS 4 feature I like), I’m not sure I’m going to ditch iOS 4 just yet… but there have been times I’ve been ready to take a hammer to my little friend so that day may come soon.

    Or, I may fall prey to Apple’s sinister ways.  With my iPhone now poisoned with iVista, I’m starting to jones for a gleaming treasure; beautiful to behold and snappy in performance.  An iPhone 4!  (Steve Jobs:  It’s all going according to my plans.  Moi-haha!)

    3 Comments to The iPhone 3G – now with iVista!

    1. Felix's Gravatar Felix
      2010.07.27 at 8:41 pm | Permalink

      Yes John!! I totally agree with everything you say. There have been times that I want to switch over to another phone just to get rid of these problems. Unfortunately, I think we will have to weather the storm and eventually cave in and get a new iphone.

      I miss the old days when the phone was just a phone with a few convenient functions. I can’t say I need all the apps on the phone but they are nice to have in one device. What to do, what to do. Hopefully the new iphone 4 will have all it’s kinks (shitty antennae design) worked out when I’m ready to upgrade.

    2. Ken's Gravatar Ken
      2010.07.28 at 10:42 am | Permalink

      I agree! I’m ready to throw this thing out the window!

    3. Nicole Hendryk's Gravatar Nicole Hendryk
      2010.07.29 at 2:24 pm | Permalink

      I also remember the day I got my iphone, it was pure awesomeness, yes a made up word! There wasn’t anything I couldn’t do with that phone, and although the reception was absolute shit in SOMA where I worked everyday, I still loved it. Then this new iphone 4 software came out that a close friend of mine that has the iphone 3GS was raving about, “you have to download it”. So I do, not only do I notice that there really wasn’t anything beneficial on there for me, but worst of all my once favorite phone is now my enemy, I hate it. It’s so slow, texting on it is now next to impossible, it freezes and shuts off all the time on its own. I hate it, I’m ready to move on to the Droid, especially hearing all the problems with the new iphone 4, why the hell would I want to pay for that! Apple I am SO dissapointed.

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