Why RockMelt Is My New Default Browser

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    I’ve been using the new RockMelt browser, and like it so much I’ve made it my default browser.  I test drive almost every new browser that comes along but I rarely change my default browser.  There’s efficiency that comes with familiarity.

    Why do I like RockMelt?  I like the way it’s hardwired for social.  You don’t have to keep Facebook open (in a tab, or at all) to stay connected to all your friends.  Facebook is always on!  Same with Twitter — the tweets keep rolling in.  And sharing to Facebook or Twitter is insanely easy (RockMelt even creates the short url).  Just click the “share” button next to the url, choose your destination (e.g. to your Facebook wall or to Twitter), add any desired commentary, and ba da bing ba da boom you’re sharing.  Easy sharing isn’t new, but often required help from a site or software.  With RockMelt, easy sharing is always on everywhere you go.

    A few years back none of this would have mattered to me.  I was Tweeting and Facebooking sure, but…  it wasn’t a vital part of my day-to-day.  But since then I’ve found both services more important.  Moreover, I recently moved from San Francisco to NYC, and Facebook has become my lifeline to my Bay Area friends.  With Rockmelt I can be reading the NY Times or Wired and “chime” my friends from all over can be ringing my bell.  Tweets roll in through my task bar.  It’s all baked into my browser.

    RockMelt is built using Chromium, which is the open-source project behind Google Chrome.  So it has the same clean look as Chrome, with a nice social framework as icing.  It loads fast like Chrome.  Overall it’s sparse and uncluttered — just you, your browswer and all your facebook friends.

    I have some quibbles — I don’t like the way the Google search form defaults to providing results in a stripped down edge tab (I prefer Google’s fully formatted results) but there’s a link to open the results in a full tab…  and my favorite toolbars don’t run on RockMelt (yet)…  but RockMelt is still new.  Overall thumbs up.

    If you like to stay connected while online, check out RockMelt!

    4 Comments to Why RockMelt Is My New Default Browser

    1. Ac's Gravatar Ac
      2010.12.13 at 11:09 pm | Permalink

      Very nice post about RockMelt, I myself was happy with the way Google-Chrome had been working for myself, and Unhappy with IE over the past years. I myself have made RockMelt my default browser. Another feature I do like is it will auto import your sites, favorites and etc. onto a fresh install of windows OS.

      Recently I bought myself another computer, Installed RockMelt and after installing noticed all my settings, favorites from my other computer were imported. Saved a lot of time.


    2. 2010.12.13 at 11:36 pm | Permalink

      I started using RockMelt almost as soon as they launched. Loved it and invited many friends. However, I’m using Digsby and TweetDeck for my social networking and the fact that RockMelt does not have my favorite webapps – yet has prevented me from making it my default browser.

      Everyone has different needs and tasks and likewise bookmarking, screenshots and excerpts from web are essetial parts of my daily web routine and I’m heavily dependent on web apps for that purpose. I guess once RockMelt comes with my favorite webapps in the near future, and provided it won’t bloat up out of proportion and gets as slow as a snail.. I would make RockMelt my default browser in a heartbeat! 😉

    3. 2010.12.14 at 2:19 am | Permalink

      I haven’t made Rockmelt my default browser, but I do use it alongside Firefox. I’m still attached to a menu bar, and controls for Copy and Paste, as keyboard shortcuts aren’t physically easy for me.

      I do like it though; it somehow feels lighter with the streams in sidebar tabs than having a main tab open all the time. I also love the opening page where my recent sites are thumbnailed.

    4. Kai's Gravatar Kai
      2011.01.24 at 9:39 am | Permalink

      Another thing that sticks out is the fact that RockMelt doesnt require admin permission to install.
      you can install it even while running a limited user account.

      This works great for me at work, productivity remains an issue though :p

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