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2017.07.19 – Goat Creek Fire

On the night of July 18th, a thunderstorm set a tree ablaze on the ridge above Goat Creek. The strike was on the east side of Rock Creek valley, at mile 6.8, and it was […]

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2010.08.28 – Burning Man

Photos from Burning Man 2010. The art theme this year was “Metropolis.” I was with friends at Ganesh’s Tower of Babel Tennis Club — we had an Indian desert tent, a regulation tennis court, and […]

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2009.05.15 – Golden Gate Bridge

I live near the Golden Gate Bridge; the Golden Gate itself is poetic and the bridge is an art deco masterpiece. Many of these photos are from Marshall’s Beach, since it’s rugged, beautiful and has […]

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2008.07.30 – Anu

Photos from Satellite, which is right after Qoöl at Anú.

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2005.08.30 – Burning Man

Photos from Burning Man 2005. The art theme was “Psyche.”

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2005.08.03 / Satellite at Anú

Photos from Satellite, which is right after Qoöl at Anú.

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2002.07.11 – Wildcat

Photos from Burning Man 2005. The art theme is “Psyche.”

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2001.08.09 – Wildcat II

Because certain people couldn’t be in two places at once, there were two wildcats this year. Wildcat I was in late July.

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2001.07.26 – Wildcat I

Christian Matthews and George Branch started Wildcat fourteen years ago, and it’s been a camping tradition with friends ever since. For about a decade the location has been Lumsden Bridge campground, which is just outside […]

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2001.04.20 – Ventana Wilderness

I took a five day backpack along the Ventana coast ridge southeast towards Cone Peak. Being on ridgetop, the views were great up and down the coast as well as inland.

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