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    Universal Selective Social Posts

    As social tools expand, it’s getting harder to sync your world without manually reposting (which is a drag). What I want is an app that allows posting once, and replicating to one or more of my social sites. My solution to date… Selective Tweets grabs tweets that include a special #fb hashtag and reposts to […]

    Why RockMelt Is My New Default Browser

    I’ve been using the new RockMelt browser, and like it so much I’ve made it my default browser.  I test drive almost every new browser that comes along but I rarely change my default browser.  There’s efficiency that comes with familiarity. Why do I like RockMelt?  I like the way it’s hardwired for social.  You don’t […]

    The iPhone 3G – now with iVista!

    I remember when I first got my iPhone 3G.  It was a gleaming treasure — beautiful to behold and snappy in performance.  It’s still a gleaming treasure and beautiful to behold.  But the snap is gone — it stutters, pauses, and apps frequently crash and burn — even Apple apps such as e-mail.  Boink!  Damn, […]