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    Update on Open Graph

    I’ve been testing Facebook’s Open Graph “Like” buttons since they launched in April, and wanted to post an update.  I think Open Graph has merit for users and publishers, but there are latency issues causing me to rethink how I implement the protocol. Overall it’s clear that you can do all kinds of things with […]

    Initial Reaction to Open Graph

    I’ve been testing Facebook’s Open Graph “like” buttons on my site, and based on initial experience find the idea intriguing. Initial results are positive, with visits and page views more than twice what I would have expected based on similar site content.  However, there are privacy implications, and I’m respecting that in my test.  For […]

    Wide Open Graph

    Facebook’s new Open Graph protocol, which replaces Facebook Connect, is awesome and huge and scalable.  Teenagers especially will love it, and there are already wonderful applications popping up on the web (Yelp, Pandora, others). It’s also crazy scary.  Some teenagers may hate it in ten years, when a choice “like” or other share comes back […]