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Hello, welcome to one of the web's original and oldest photo blogs. is over ten years old! The site went online in 1997, and became a photo blog in 2001.

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Burning Man

2014.08.22 / Burning Man

Spotlight Feature

Photos from Burning Man 2001 - 2014.

You can also view my favorite photos from over a decade in my Burning Man Gallery.

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2012.04.05 / New York City Views

My apartment has great views of Chelsea, Madison Square and downtown New York City

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2012.04.20 / Bobby and the Extras

Another fun night with Bobby and the Extras at the Black Duck in Westport!

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2012.03.23 / Bobby and the Extras

Bobby and the Extras were playing at the Black Duck in Westport!

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2012.02.20 / Ganesh Camp

Ganesh camp is making plans to head to the playa again in 2012! Here are photos of Ganesh Camp, and before that (at least for me), Rocket Camp; Tower of Babel Camp; Lighthouse Camp; and before. These photos span 15 years on the playa.

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2010.11.24 / Cape Cod

This year I took the train up to Boston and continued on to Cape Cod for a wonderful Thanksgiving with family

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2010.09.17 / Camping with Gil and Milo

Camping and hiking with Gil and Milo...

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Qoöl and 111 Minna

2010.09.15 / Qoöl

Spotlight Feature

Photos from Qoöl and related parties.

You can also view my top 100 Qoöl photos in my Qoöl Gallery.

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2010.09.12 / Faux Mojo

Friends at Faux Mojo were playing a picnic/ribbon cutting at Park Day School in Oakland.

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2010.08.26 / Hart's

Barry Hart and family were visiting from the east coast...

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2010.07.24 / Colony Party

It wouldn't be summer in San Francisco without the Colony Party!

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2010.07.09 / Goyo's 40th Birthday

Goyo's 40th birthday celebration...

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2010.07.05 / Briones

Hiking in Briones with Kin and Buddy.

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2010.06.16 / Yosemite

It was peak snowmelt in Yosemite and I headed off to see the waterfalls in the Valley.

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2010.05.20 / Love, Isabel

Love, Isabel is an acoustic trio and they were playing at Beale Street Bar & Grill.

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2010.05.14 / Wildcat Recon

The road down into the Tuolumne canyon to Lumsden bridge washed out in 2005, and recently reopened. Christian and I made an overnight camping excursion to check out the condition of the road and the Lumsden Bridge campground.

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2010.04.27 / Joe In San Francisco

My old friend Joe Olzacki was in San Francisco with friends and we had a great visit!

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2010.03.19 / Marco Island

Wonderful visit with the family on Marco Island Florida!

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2010.03.14 / Briones

Northern California has been blessed with a good rainy season, and the Bay Area is emerald green. Time to head to Briones!

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2010.03.01 / Muir Woods

Muir Woods is often a redwood Disneyland, but on a rainy season weekday you almost have the place to yourself.

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Goyo Photo Shoot

2010.02.13 / Goyo Photo Shoot

My friend Goyo is working on a photo project related to his music, and we did a photo shoot at 111 Minna Gallery...

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Olympic National Park

2009.12.23 / Olympic National Park

One of the perks of visiting my parents in Sequim is that it's adjacent to Olympic National Park...

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2009.12.19 / Sequim

I traveled north to see my parents up in Sequim WA. It was to be a long and relaxing stay for the Christmas holiday.

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Water Drop Falling

2009.11.23 / Water Drop Falling

Third in a series of close-up photos of water drops falling into a pool of water.

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2009.07.01 / Marblehead

I spent the 4th of July holiday with family in Marblehead. It was great to see Suzanne, Buck and the boys! Mom and Dad as well as Dave and Susan made the trip, and we celebrated my mother's 75th birthday! Joe even drove up from Fairfield and made a surprise appearance.

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2009.06.18 / Nightlife

The California Academy of Sciences is an amazing scientific institution based in San Francisco. They recently reopened in a fantastic space age & green building in Golden Gate Park. Every Thursday they hold an after-hours event called Nightlife. This week my friends from Qoöl were spinning. I've also included a link to this set from my Qoöl Spotlight page.

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Golden Gate Bridge

2009.05.15 / Golden Gate Bridge

Photos of the Golden Gate Bridge.

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