Qoöl is a weekly party put on at 111 Minna by friends at Loöq Records.

SööperQoöl is like Qoöl but goes to eleven.

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Crossing Market, SööperQoöl photo

Crossing Market

Crossing Market on the way to 111 Minna, which is half a block off Mission.

Line at the Door, SööperQoöl photo

Line at the Door

111 Minna Gallery, SööperQoöl photo

111 Minna Gallery

111 Minna Gallery has been open for seven years.

Art, SööperQoöl photo


Qoöl has been part of Minna for five of those seven years.

SööperQoöl Pullman Car Artwork, SööperQoöl photo

SööperQoöl Pullman Car Artwork

My friend Christian is the art director at Loöq Records, and always has fresh new visuals for each party. This week: SööperQoöl Pullman car artwork.

Dancers, SööperQoöl photo


Lounge Area, SööperQoöl photo

Lounge Area

Hanging out in the lounge area.

Spesh, SööperQoöl photo


Spesh and I started to work together eleven years ago at Y&R Advertising. I was a Media Supervisor and he was a wee Media Planner. It's been fun to see Spesh's music grow from a hobby to what it is now.

Rowan Spinning, SööperQoöl photo

Rowan Spinning

111 Minna, SööperQoöl photo

111 Minna

Minna has changed a lot over time. In the early years, circa 1997, Spesh and the DJ's would spin from a makeshift booth located over the bathroom. It was a cramped but fun place--you could hang out and watch the scene below while Spesh pumped up the energy level. Qoöl/Minna continues to expand in size and reputation, with an elevated stage and hanging DJ box added several years back.

Dance Floor, SööperQoöl photo

Dance Floor