Mount Rainier

On the way to Idaho and Montana, I stopped off for a few days of camping and hiking at Mount Rainier.

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Paradise Trailhead, Mount Rainier photo

Paradise Trailhead

Mount Rainier, taken near the Paradise trailhead. The October morning was crisp, but by lunch I had shed every layer except a tee shirt.

Mount Rainier, Mount Rainier photo

Mount Rainier

Waterfall, Mount Rainier photo


Water is always flowing from Rainier's many active glaciers.

Tunnel, Mount Rainier photo


Leaves, Mount Rainier photo


Old Growth Tree, Mount Rainier photo

Old Growth Tree

Mount Rainier gets a huge amount of rain, and has many groves of old growth trees. Some of the Douglas-firs, Western Redcedars and Western Hemlocks are enormous.

Double-trunk Tree, Mount Rainier photo

Double-trunk Tree

This massive double-trunk tree was topped in a storm, possibly hundreds of years ago. Both trunks are thriving.

Mushroom, Mount Rainier photo


The temperate rain forest conditions is perfect for mushrooms. They were everywhere.

Mushrooms, Mount Rainier photo


Mushrooms, Mount Rainier photo