In the fall of 2001 I took a road trip loop around the western U.S. The halfway point -- and highlight of the trip -- was a two week visit with my family in Montana.

My brother and I took a backpacking trip into the Welcome Creek Wilderness across the creek from our house. Montana is beautiful in the fall, and there was a light dusting of snow to greet us when my brother and I arrived from Idaho.

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Our house in the valley, Montana photo

Our house in the valley

Our house is in the valley between the steep Sapphire and John Long mountain ranges.

Leaves in Rock Creek, Montana photo

Leaves in Rock Creek

Fall leaves in Rock Creek behind the house.

Dave, Montana photo


Dave and I took a day hike up behind the Handley farm.

Mountain Sheep Trails, Montana photo

Mountain Sheep Trails

Mountain sheep trails crisscross the scree fields.

Valley, Montana photo


Looking out across the valley towards the house.

Rock Creek Valley, Montana photo

Rock Creek Valley

Dave, Montana photo


Montana photo
Big Horn Sheep Jumping, Montana photo

Big Horn Sheep Jumping

Big horn sheep jumping over a neighbor's fence.

Dave on the Swinging Bridge, Montana photo

Dave on the Swinging Bridge

Dave and I took a short overnight backpack into the Welcome Creek Wilderness across Rock Creek from our house.

Welcome Creek Wilderness, Montana photo

Welcome Creek Wilderness

Dave, Montana photo


The forest is lush down by the creek.

Montana photo
Montana photo