Liquid Running Water

The topic for this month's photo club was "liquid running water." I found some nice water on the lower stretch of Whittemore Creek in Purisima. The creek drops a couple hundred feet in a short distance, creating many small cascades and pools.

I used a wide angle lens, which exaggerated the height of the "falls." In fact, most of the cascades are only a foot or so tall. The exception was the last shot, which was a respectable five or six foot drop. To capture the movement of the water I shot anywhere from 1/2 to 1/20 of a second. The main problem was keeping the lens dry--I lost a lot of shots because of too much water on the lens. The lens got splashed on most shots; sometimes it was dripping, making the exposure a blurry mess.

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Surge of Water, Liquid Running Water photo

Surge of Water

I like the water spray and the surge of water at the base.

Settings: 1/21 sec, F2.6

Bubbles, Liquid Running Water photo


I like the bubbles and the color of the water. I don't like the camera shake and the uneven exposure.

Settings: 1/19 sec, F2.6

Water Spray, Liquid Running Water photo

Water Spray

I like the water spray. I don't like the framing -- there was some good stuff to the left.

Settings: 1/7 sec, F2.6

Rushing Water, Liquid Running Water photo

Rushing Water

I like the rush of the water in the foreground. I don't like the water on the lens or the overexposed sky.

Settings: 1/7sec, F3.1

Under the Log, Liquid Running Water photo

Under the Log

I like the sweep of water under the log. I wish I had captured a bit more foreground water.

Settings: 1/2 sec, F3.3

Waterfall, Liquid Running Water photo


I like the light on the falls and how it captures the droplets. The contrast is too high however and there is some camera shake.

Settings: 1/3 sec, F3.3