Deities: Dialogues & Dreams

My friend Mary is a curator of -- and contributor to -- a show that just opened at the John F. Kennedy Arts and Consciousness Gallery in Berkeley. It opened Saturday night and a group of us went over to see it.

Deities: Dialogues & Dreams: Extraordinary Conversations with Ordinary People

'The Deities exhibition is a collection of reflections and artistic interpretations of conversations with Deities in either dreams, visions or inner experiences. The intention of the show is to explore the implications of how these conversations impact people personally, culturally and globally and how these dialogues deepen the individual's connection to spirit, community, and nature.'

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Shaman Doll , Deities: Dialogues & Dreams photo

Shaman Doll

Mary created a life size shaman doll and art installation for the show. Her name is e-lura and she has an amazing presence.

e-lura is based on a smaller shaman doll Mary created last summer (and also on exhibit at the show).

e-lura, Deities: Dialogues & Dreams photo


If you sat in the chair, e-lura looked you right in the eye. You expected her to move. Some say she did...

Gallery Art, Deities: Dialogues & Dreams photo

Gallery Art

The art in the gallery was beautiful and inspiring.

Shamanic Invocation and Performance, Deities: Dialogues & Dreams photo

Shamanic Invocation and Performance

There was a shamanic invocation and performance at seven.

Rail, Deities: Dialogues & Dreams photo


The gallery is in a great old industrial building.

Freight Elevator , Deities: Dialogues & Dreams photo

Freight Elevator

The freight elevator is freakin' enormous.

Dusk, Deities: Dialogues & Dreams photo