Burning Man

Photos from Burning Man 2007. Art theme is "The Green Man."

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Temple at Night, Burning Man photo

Temple at Night

Humongous Tent, Burning Man photo

Humongous Tent

Inside the humongous new tent.

Batteries Not Included, Burning Man photo

Batteries Not Included

Working on the rocket bike.

Outside the Humongous Tent, Burning Man photo

Outside the Humongous Tent

The humongous new tent on the outside. Even the fiercest wind storms did not bother it.

Camp, Burning Man photo


Tesla Coil and Steel Statue, Burning Man photo

Tesla Coil and Steel Statue

Tesla coil and one of the giant steel statues at the oil derrick.

Moonlight on the Playa , Burning Man photo

Moonlight on the Playa

The moonlight on the playa was fantastic this year. Monday night there was a lunar eclipse!

Fire Engine, Burning Man photo

Fire Engine

Burning Man photo
Beacon, Burning Man photo


This was the most amazing large scale art installation. It was huge and gave off deep organic vibrations. I never saw it again; it disappeared. I think the artist removed it early, mostly as an artistic statement but also as a bit of a prank. It established itself as a nighttime beacon... and then vanished.

Huge Dust Storm, Burning Man photo

Huge Dust Storm

One minute our neighborhood is in a huge dust storm...

All Clear, Burning Man photo

All Clear

...the next minute it's all clear.

Rainbow after the Storm, Burning Man photo

Rainbow after the Storm


Idea Machine, Burning Man photo

Idea Machine

Jay's "Idea Machine."