Battery Townsley

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Calibrated to Detonate , Battery Townsley photo

Calibrated to Detonate

The huge shells contained fuses which were calibrated to detonate after the shell had pierced the enemy ship's armor.

Steel Door, Battery Townsley photo

Steel Door

There are heavy steel doors throughout the bunker.

Bomb Rail, Battery Townsley photo

Bomb Rail

A system of overhead rails allowed for transport of the one ton shells.

Norton, Battery Townsley photo


1930's vintage equipment.

Nike Missiles Rule Sausalito, Battery Townsley photo

Nike Missiles Rule Sausalito

This is some old military graffiti artwork from the 50's or 60's. By then Nike missiles, not the big guns, guarded the coast.

Blast chamber, Battery Townsley photo

Blast chamber

This tunnel/chamber was added in the 60's to test blast effects, long after the battery was decommissioned post WWII.

Spotting Scope, Battery Townsley photo

Spotting Scope

These spotting scopes were in hardened bunkers located at distances from Battery Townsley to allow for precise triangulation.

Rust, Battery Townsley photo


The exterior walls of the bunker were studded with steel and iron, which have left washes of rust.