Wolfback Ridge and Cutoff

It was HOT in San Francisco; the fog machine was on holiday. After a late afternoon chore in Marin I hiked up Rodeo Valley Trail to Wolfback Ridge. At ridgeline, the warm ocean breezes felt nice under blue skies.

I'm using my iPhone as a GPS tracker, and have geotagged this set. The coordinates on each detail page link to a terrain view on Google Maps.

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View Down Into Gerbode Valley, Wolfback Ridge and Cutoff photo

View Down Into Gerbode Valley

Rodeo Trail (from 101) traverses uphill to Wolfback Ridge. Here we are looking southwest into Gerbode Valley.

Bobcat Trail Traversing Downhill, Wolfback Ridge and Cutoff photo

Bobcat Trail Traversing Downhill

At ridgetop I took Bobcat trail down a short distance to Cutoff trail. Cutoff trail contours southeast around the ridge to the rim of Rodeo Valley.

Here we see Bobcat trail below us, traversing down to the floor of Gerbode Valley.

Lupine, Wolfback Ridge and Cutoff photo


Cow Parsnip, Wolfback Ridge and Cutoff photo

Cow Parsnip

Rodeo Valley, Wolfback Ridge and Cutoff photo

Rodeo Valley

Here is the view of the top of Rodeo Valley from Rodeo Valley trail. The north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge can be seen peeking over the ridgetop.

At the top the semi-loop returns via Wolfback Ridge trail to Rodeo trail and back down to 101.