Burning Man

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Rebar, Burning Man photo


Solar Panel, Burning Man photo

Solar Panel

I brought a solar panel to power the rocket bike. The panel generated 1 amp in full sunlight, and was used to recharge batteries for the rocket bike.

Playa Tennis Court, Burning Man photo

Playa Tennis Court

Hexayurt, Burning Man photo


The finished Hexayurt. The hatch on the front opened for access.

Nadar, Burning Man photo


Jason built Nadar last year and this year Kelly brought it back. Kelly and Jennifer had their tents inside Nadar, which was a great silvery space.

Car Port, Burning Man photo

Car Port

Anthony and Erica and Elise and Joseph used a car port to protect their tents from the sun, wind and dust.

Big Tent, Burning Man photo

Big Tent

The big tent was imported directly from a tent maker in India. The real deal -- pretty cool, eh?

Ganesh Camp, Burning Man photo

Ganesh Camp

Spokes, Burning Man photo


Solar Light, Burning Man photo

Solar Light

Solar Malibu lights work great at Burning Man, since there is always lots of sun and they don't require cords. Putting them next to rebar stakes prevents accidents at night.

Flower Bike, Burning Man photo

Flower Bike

Wilbur's Playa Surfboard, Burning Man photo

Wilbur's Playa Surfboard

Wilbur's Playa Surfboard had a beach chair for comfortable cruising. It was built on an electric wheelchair chassis and was much loved.

Sunset on the Playa, Burning Man photo

Sunset on the Playa

Sunset on the Playa, Burning Man photo

Sunset on the Playa

Sunset on the Playa, Burning Man photo

Sunset on the Playa

Double Hexayurt, Burning Man photo

Double Hexayurt

Ichthytude, Burning Man photo


Ichthytude was an aptitude and attitude adjuster. Solving the three puzzles adjusted the participant's attitude and aptitude.