I traveled north to see my parents up in Sequim WA. It was to be a long and relaxing stay for the Christmas holiday. The weather this year was the best I have seen in years.

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Snow on the Back Lawn, Sequim photo

Snow on the Back Lawn

The weather was crisp but unlike last year we only got a dusting of snow. The clear weather provided great views.

Mount Baker Alpenglow, Sequim photo

Mount Baker Alpenglow

Here is Mount Baker after sunset from 77 miles away. The Strait of Juan de Fuca is in the foreground. South Widbey Island is the low-lying land.

Christmas Tree, Sequim photo

Christmas Tree

Christmas Ornaments, Sequim photo

Christmas Ornaments

Mom and Dad, Sequim photo

Mom and Dad

Opening Presents, Sequim photo

Opening Presents

Opening Presents, Sequim photo

Opening Presents

Mom, Sequim photo


Dad, Sequim photo


Mom, Sequim photo


Stella, Sequim photo