Northern California has been blessed with a good rainy season, and the Bay Area is emerald green. Time to head to Briones!

Briones Regional Park was once part of a large Rancho; the cattle are still here. During the rainy season, the hills turn so green they almost look fake (no HDR in these photos). I was glad to visit the park with everything was so green since it's only for the moment; soon it will be golden brown.

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Valley Floor, Briones photo

Valley Floor

This was taken from Old Briones Trail Road, not far from the staging area.

Rolling Hills of Briones, Briones photo

Rolling Hills of Briones

Southern Sindicich Lagoon, Briones photo

Southern Sindicich Lagoon

There are two Sindicich lagoons; this is the southern one. It's near ridgeline, adjacent to Briones Crest trail.

Oak Savanna, Briones photo

Oak Savanna

This was taken where Black Oak Trail descends steeply to Old Briones Road Trail and Bear Creek valley.

Lush Valley Floor, Briones photo

Lush Valley Floor

The valley floors were marshy and vibrantly green.

Briones Crest Trail, Briones photo

Briones Crest Trail

Bear Creek Valley, Briones photo

Bear Creek Valley

Old Briones Road trail can be seen running along the valley floor.

Briones Ridgeline, Briones photo

Briones Ridgeline

The Briones crest ridgeline is an undulating wall of green.