Burning Man

Photos from Burning Man 2010. The art theme this year was "Metropolis." I was with friends at Ganesh’s Tower of Babel Tennis Club -- we had an Indian desert tent, a regulation tennis court, and this year added a 32' tall tower of babel. Sweet.

I was part of early setup, and as always enjoyed seeing BRC go up before the gate opened.

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Skies Over Porta-Potties, Burning Man photo

Skies Over Porta-Potties

Indian Desert Tent, Burning Man photo

Indian Desert Tent

Ganesh camp has a real Indian desert tent. It's beautiful and perfect for the playa.

All Good and One Love, Burning Man photo

All Good and One Love

James and Anthony.

Tower Base, Burning Man photo

Tower Base

The Tower of Babel begins to soar skyward.

Tower Base, Burning Man photo

Tower Base

Tennis Court, Burning Man photo

Tennis Court

The court had been graded, rolled and watered. Next steps were to stripe the court and put up the nets.

Erica and Her Leopard Bike, Burning Man photo

Erica and Her Leopard Bike

Leopard, Burning Man photo


Erica, Burning Man photo


Tower of Babel Sections, Burning Man photo

Tower of Babel Sections

The tower was shipped with the sections nested as Russian dolls. They've been pulled out here for final assembly.