Burning Man

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Lighthouse, Burning Man photo


There were a number of lighthouses this year. The beam on this one, around 4:15, was intense.

El Guaco, Burning Man photo

El Guaco

Beth made a special radio controlled truck that delivered chips, guac, tequila and a shot glass. Does life get any better?

Beth, Burning Man photo


Bliss Dance, Burning Man photo

Bliss Dance

Chill Space, Burning Man photo

Chill Space

Home, Burning Man photo


This globe art was beautiful by day and night.

Playa at Sunset, Burning Man photo

Playa at Sunset

Popcorn Booth, Burning Man photo

Popcorn Booth

One of the perks of being just off the 3:00 plaza was the popcorn booth. At 2am such a treat!

Tower of Babel, Burning Man photo

Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel, Burning Man photo

Tower of Babel

The tower is an old fashioned design of triangulation in three dimensions. Most of the design was based on mathematical formulas; looking up shows the repeating shapes. It's light and super strong in the wind.