Ganesh Camp

Ganesh Camp is my burning man theme camp. Many of us have been coming to the desert for over 10 years. We believe in Indian desert tents, not RV's. Our happy hour is what you seek each and every afternoon. We provide a regulation clay tennis court, racquets and balls, and a tennis pro who is available to help you with your game. BRC citizens 21 and older are welcome to join us in our Indian desert tent clubhouse, where beverages are served.

Ganesh Camp brings crazy art and wonderful costumes to the playa. The Gifting Tree. A few years back we brought the Tower of Babel to Burning Man. It's a 30 foot tall lighthouse with slowly rotating beams visible for miles. The letters light up like an old neon hotel sign.

This set doesn't include 2013 photos yet, but will shortly.

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Ganesh Desert Tent, Ganesh Camp photo

Ganesh Desert Tent

Marc, Ganesh Camp photo


Marc in the Ganesh tent after setup.

Ganesh Palm Trees, Ganesh Camp photo

Ganesh Palm Trees

Ganesh, Ganesh Camp photo


Ganesh starts out the festival with a bit of starter bling, but ends it covered with gifts.

Tent Window, Ganesh Camp photo

Tent Window

Our tent is from India and features gold embroidery and windows with curtains that roll up and down.

All Good, Ganesh Camp photo

All Good

James Jones.

Ganesh Bar, Ganesh Camp photo

Ganesh Bar

Just about ready to open for "business."

Drums, Ganesh Camp photo


Ganesh often features live music during our happy hours. The drums would never look so clean again.

Ganesh Tent, Ganesh Camp photo

Ganesh Tent

Ganesh Tent, Ganesh Camp photo

Ganesh Tent

The tent was an actual Indian desert tent, with movable walls and a thick double ceiling.