Wildcat I

Christian Matthews and George Branch started Wildcat fourteen years ago, and it's been a camping tradition with friends ever since. For about a decade the location has been Lumsden Bridge campground, which is just outside the gate to Yosemite, in the Stanislaus National Forest. This was my 5th year to Wildcat.

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Welcome to Wildcat, Wildcat I photo

Welcome to Wildcat

Lumsden Bridge, Wildcat I photo

Lumsden Bridge

The campground is just downstream from Lumsden Bridge, which crosses a gorge of the Tuolumne River, not far below Hetch Hetchy.

Christian, Wildcat I photo


Christian, who's been keeping Wildcat a tradition for fourteen years.

Sacha, Wildcat I photo


Sacha is English, and Wildcat is therefore properly civilized and organized. A rack of spare flashlights and other keys to camping happiness are laid out, ready for the weekend.

Big Rocks, Wildcat I photo

Big Rocks

Minor cliffs overlook the deep waters of the gorge. Jumping off the rocks is a tradition at Wildcat.

Lumsden Bridge, Wildcat I photo

Lumsden Bridge

Looking upstream to the whitewater above the bridge.

Lumsden Falls, Wildcat I photo

Lumsden Falls

The cascade is a booming Class V rapids.

Andrei, Wildcat I photo


Andrei about to jump.

Andrei, Wildcat I photo


Andrei off the rocks.

JK, Wildcat I photo


Andrei and Christian, Wildcat I photo

Andrei and Christian

Wildcat I photo
Tough Guy, Wildcat I photo

Tough Guy