Wildcat I

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Lovely Women of Wildcat, Wildcat I photo

Lovely Women of Wildcat

Christian and the lovely women of Wildcat.

JK, Rebecca and Marianne, Wildcat I photo

JK, Rebecca and Marianne

Rebecca, Wildcat I photo


Christian, Wildcat I photo


Wild Kitty, Wildcat I photo

Wild Kitty

Snapping candids before dinner, Wildcat I photo

Snapping candids before dinner

Erica and Greg, Wildcat I photo

Erica and Greg

Friday night was a group feast of salmon, steak, chicken and other delicacies.

Mary, Wildcat I photo


JK, Wildcat I photo


Andrei brought some El-wire left over from Burning Man. It runs off a tiny 9V battery and is flexible enough to wear.

Playing Scrabble, Wildcat I photo

Playing Scrabble

Sacha and Erica playing scrabble, Andrei chilling.

Banana S'more, Wildcat I photo

Banana S'more

Marianne making her first prototype banana s'more. Marianne's technique was to cram the marshmallows and chocolate into the hidden pores of the fruit.

Wildcat I photo
At the Bridge, Wildcat I photo

At the Bridge

Later in the evening we all walked up to the bridge. The moon on the river and the sound of the water were magical.