Water Drop Falling

Third in a series of close-up photos of water drops falling into a pool of water. Magnification is in the 3X - 5X range. Here are links to the previous two galleries:

In some of these shots, the water drops appear tranquil as if hovering in mid air. In fact, the drops are falling rapidly; the journey from the top of the frame to splashdown takes only a fraction of a second. Some of these photos are available as fine art prints in my Gallery.

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Air Bubbles, Water Drop Falling photo

Air Bubbles

I use a dropper attached to a small hose to create the water drops. Increasing the flow creates a column of water. The water column seen here is only one drop wide, so the air bubbles suspended in the column are quite small.

Bubble Reflections, Water Drop Falling photo

Bubble Reflections

Bubbles on the surface of the water tank can be seen reflected in the falling droplet.

Single Drop, Water Drop Falling photo

Single Drop

While the drops may appear to hover in mid air, gravity pulls them through the photographic frame in the blink of an eye.

Water Column, Water Drop Falling photo

Water Column

Standing waves in the water column change depending on the flow rate.

Rain Drops, Water Drop Falling photo

Rain Drops

Surface tension keeps the multiple drops apart, even when the collide.

Black Onyx Drop, Water Drop Falling photo

Black Onyx Drop

This drop hasn't fallen far enough for surface tension to pull the droplet into a sphere. The shape and color of the droplet reminds me of a polished black onyx stone.

Crystal Drop, Water Drop Falling photo

Crystal Drop

A multi faceted crystal placed behind the drops refracts the light, and illuminates the drop from behind.

Waves, Water Drop Falling photo


The tiny column of water creates waves in the small tank. The kink at the base of the water column varies in shape but is almost always present.